Old Mill Kitchen and Commissary

In 2013, Vaughn and Suzanne realized there was a growing need for a commissary and shared use kitchen to support the growing food truck community as well as a talented group of specialty makers. Due to the success of their clients and the need for more convenient scheduling, they opened a second location in February of 2019. New members were on-boarded the same day! For more information: www.oldmillcafe518.com   oldmillkitchen22@gmail.com


We are honored to be working with Click Chef and excited to feature the following Chefs and Artisan Makers in our initial launch:


Featured Chefs: Award Winning Chef Charlie Phillip, Dean Johnson and Brayden Wynn (Black Thai), Chef Casey Belile and Chef Kevin Nelson (Mac Attack), Chef Nick Webb and Chef Ben Garcia (Ya’ll Eat Yet?), Chef Deborah Williams (Salads by Ms. Deb).


Featured Artisan Makers: Alicia Potter and Kimberly LaFoy (A Couple of Mommies Elderberry), Sam Holmes (Holmes Sweets), Chris Smith (Mama Joe’s Southern Sweets), Matthew Baxley (Mount Gilead Granola), Chef Anita Evans (Sweet Bites Bakery) and Kim Mattison (That’s Keto!?!)