Ever wonder how Christophestogo got started?

The principals, Cyclone Covey and Chistophe Le Metayer, met several years ago and quickly realized their passion for good, healthy food. Over the years Christophestogo fed countless families in the Atlanta area, while creating many loyal customers and high ratings.

While it began nearly a decade ago, Christophestogo started with several store fronts prior to pivoting to an online Meal Prep and Delivery Model.  Then 2020 happened, which presented many challenges and another pivot.

Aside from preparing and delivering meals Christophes had a healthy catering business, but that quickly went away when companies closed or started working from home.  The Catering loss was a significant hit to the business.  So mid-way through 2020 Cyclone and Christophe decided to pivot yet again, only this time to help others.

Christophestogo operates from an exceptionally large kitchen that can support numerous Chefs and Food Entrepreneurs.  The team realized how many in the industry where struggling and wanted to offer a lower cost option.  So, they decided to turn the kitchen into a shared kitchen where others could operate, but it did not stop there.

They both decided it was best to rebrand, Christophe partnered up with one of his current Chefs, Enrique to launch Two Chefs Online.  The great news is they still operate out of the kitchen and deliver the same healthy meals one has become accustomed to with Christophestogo, nothing has changed other than the brand.

The team also decided to rebrand the website to host new Chefs and Food Entrepreneurs in helping them with their passion while expanding the menu options for families.  This is when the team brought in Dan Popovic to lead the rebranding efforts and online functionality.  Dan has a tremendous amount of experience in building eCommerce and Cloud-Based Solutions.

Christophestogo is now ClickChefs, which is an online portal where families can continue to order great meals from Two Chefs Online, aka, Christophe, but now more Chefs and Food Entrepreneurs are being added to support the passion.

‘In the coming weeks we will share more details about ClickChefs along with the stories of each Chef.  We not only want to help Chefs and Food Entrepreneurs expand their business, but we want to create a unique connection between you, the consumer, and the Chef,' stated Dan Popovic.