With the outbreak of Coronavirus many companies have been sending emails to their customers outlining how they plan to modify their business operations.  At Christophe’s we did not plan to send such an email because for us it's business as usual. But today we realized that many of our customers may not realize that we plan to operate uninterrupted.  Therefore we are sharing this post to explain how the virus and all of the surrounding circumstances do not affect our operations.

All of Christophe’s food is prepared in our commercial kitchen in Berkeley Lake Georgia.

  • The kitchen is not publicly accessible as it is not part of a restaurant.
  • Access to it is limited only to employees of Christophe’s.
  • All of our chefs follow required food safety protocols when they work in the kitchen.
  • These protocols include wearing hair nets or hats; washing one’s hands upon each reentry into the kitchen from the outside or from the restroom; following proper practices concerning the storage of food (including the type of container, distance from other allergens, location in refrigeration or freezer, etc.).
  • We also have our food regularly tested by an independent third party for common types of bacteria.  (If you’re curious we’ve never had a meal test positive for bacteria.).
  • Once the food is prepared, it is covered and sealed in its container in the kitchen and it is not opened again until you open it in your home.
  • We monitor all of our employees for illness and any employee who shows any sign of illness is required to stay home.

As mentioned above, these practices are standard in our daily operation; and the rise of Coronavirus has not changed our food safety practices.  So long as we do not experience any disruptions in food supply we expect to continue business as usual.

We very much appreciate our customers and are grateful to be able to continue to supply safe and healthful meals to metro Atlanta during this time.