Christophe's is pleased to announce that we have released Reward Point Redemption for our repeat customers. Adding this feature has taken us some time and we appreciate your patience.

How it Works

The program is simple
1. Earn points for each purchase you make. Currently you earn 1 point for every dollar you spend.
2. Once you accumulate 250 points we will automatically add a $5 off coupon to your next order at checkout and the points will be deducted from your profile.
3. If you want to save the points you can remove the coupon from checkout and your points will continue to accumulate.


What if I have more than 250 points?
The system automatically applies a $5 coupon for each order. So, for example, if you have 1000 points saved, then you will be able to use your points over the next four orders.

Is there anything else to the program besides 250 points for $5?
We want to keep the program simple, but we do plan to add more features to our rewards program. Here are some items on our rewards road map.

Planned extra ways to earn points

  • Referral program (earn points when friends you refer order)
  • Daily Double Meals (certain meals will allow you to earn double points)
  • Repeat orders (earn bonus points when you order multiple weeks in a row)
  • Meal Ratings (earn points when you give us feedback on meals you order)

It will take us some time to roll out these features and we will keep our customers informed as we release these features on our site. In the meantime enjoy your discounts with your points!