Miss out on a meal because you forgot to order? You are not alone, we have recently launched a new feature so you will never forget to order your meals again.

The one minute video below shows you how to turn on order reminders. You can set it up to get a text, email, or create a calendar entry for your computer or phone. And we have smart notifications so you won't get the text or email if you already have a pending order. If you prefer to read how to do it, see the summary posted below the video with the corresponding images.

To add a reminder now, click HERE.

Video Summary

First, login to on Christophe’s website.

Next, click on the Profile button at the top right of the screen.

Then, scroll to the bottom and in the Notifications box, press Add Notification.

Here you will select a time and a type of reminder.

And there you go, it’s as easy as that.  We hope that you enjoy the experience.

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