Christophe's Weekly Menu

Here are a few of Christophe's Latino influenced dishes! Our chefs always try to take your taste buds on a trip around the world. Today's stop is Central and South America!

Classic Habanero Glazed Salmon: Habanero is a spicy pepper from Mexico that gives the perfect kick for this salmon dish. Available in paleo too!

Classic Habanero Glazed Salmon
Habanero Glazed Salmon

Creamy Fiesta Chicken Breast: Juicy chicken breast with a creamy kick using Latino influence to bring the dish to life.

Creamy Fiesta Chicken Breast
Creamy Fiesta Chicken

Mexican Chicken Lasagna: Made with corn tortillas instead of pasta and stuffed with seasoned chicken and vegetables, topped with a melty 3 cheese blend.

Mexican Chicken Lasagna
Mexican Chicken Lasagna

The menu changes weekly so if these items are not available when you check out our menu don't dispair!  These items will return to the menu again soon!