Why Choose Christophe’s?

In this day and age that values speed and uncomplicated novelty, Christophe’s To Go blends old-world charm and gourmet artistry with modern cuisine.

Unlike other meal service kits, our own Chef Christophe Le Metayer works his magic in our state-of-the-art kitchen to make sure these well-loved meals are prepared for you. A native of France, Chef Christophe has lived and worked in Belgium, Copenhagen, and Monte Carlo, among others. He has worked for international companies such as The Ritz-Carlton, and also owned his own brick-and-mortar restaurants. This sort of training and passion for cooking is difficult to find, especially among other meal delivery companies that mass-produce their food.

Here are some other reasons why Christophe’s To Go is unique in the meal-delivery business.

1.) Convenient

We don’t just deliver the ingredients so you have to take valuable time out of your busy schedule to cook meals. Chef Christophe hand-selects every ingredient that goes into his dishes, and attention and consideration is given to making sure all our meals are inclusive. We always include paleo, vegan, and vegetarian dishes in our menu. No grocery shopping, prep, or cooking on your part!
With a delivery range that spans most of the sprawling area of metro Atlanta, we also deliver as far north as Forsyth county, and even through Marietta, Lawrenceville, and into downtown Atlanta.

2.) Healthy

Chef Christophe only uses natural sweeteners such as honey. A simple Google search of other meal-delivery reviews show that consistently people use the words “fake-tasting” to describe some of the meals they have received. Not in our kitchen– we don’t use fillers, preservatives, or artificial flavors. For example when you order our meatloaf dishes, we never add breadcrumbs to save on the cost of meat, which is a common business practice in the food industry.

3.) High Quality Meats & Seafood

We take pride in every single dish. To keep up with our high standards, we only buy meat from very reputable distributors in Atlanta and our fish is always wild-caught.

4.) Locally Sourced Items

Whenever possible we only shop for our ingredients from local markets to ensure maximum freshness and to support local small businesses.

5.) Menu Changes Weekly

Chef changes his menu every week, something that our loyal customers have always appreciated.

6.) Minimal Cleanup

Nobody likes having to deal with mountains of dirty dishes after a long day. No more pots and pans to have to soak, wash, and dry! Just pop your meals into the microwave or oven, and you’re set!

7.) You’ll Get Out of Your Comfort Zone– In a Good Way

They say “variety is the very spice of life,” and we couldn’t agree more. While we have plenty of well-loved dishes for fans of classic flavors, we also incorporate seasonal dishes as well as some tasty and unique ones– such as huitlacoche (Mexican truffle) and Kurobuta pork shank, among others, for those who love to try something new and exciting!

8.) Green

Instead of shipping out heavy cardboard boxes to our customers several times a week that aren’t eco-friendly and adds to your clutter, we recycle our coolers. Customers leave them out for us for pick-up or arrange to swap them out at the next delivery date.

9.)Live Chat

We encourage customer input and have a Live Chat available for any of your questions. We love to hear you all!