Christophes Culinary Challenge!

Guidelines for Entry

  • The idea must be a food product, for example a Nutrition Bar, Ice-Cream or Pastry
  • Take a look at some of these inspirational stories behind the brand: - Cliff Bars
  • Halo Ice-Cream
  • You must also share who the target audience is and why
  • What customer discovery have you done, meaning have you interviewed this audience and what has the feedback been
  • How big is the market, again take a look at the story behind the brands above to see how they presented the market opportunity
  • How will you market the company
  • How will you make money
  • Once these questions are answered, we’d like for you to prepare a video presentation to present your idea.  If you can’t create a video then we will take a powerpoint presentation, but be sure to save it as a PDF file. - We are recruiting students to help you create the video
  • Email your entry to

What’s in it for you

  • An opportunity to work with Christophe and other experienced Chefs
  • The Potential to bring your idea to market
  • Each contestant will receive a $150 Christophes Menu Coupon
  • Exposure in a trade magazine

How to get Started