Christophe’s is both pleased and proud to announce we have partnered with two incredibly talented pastry chefs, Frédéric Vachon and Medhi Mazni of J’aime Patisserie.

Natives of Paris, France, Mehdi and Frédéric bring their combined experience of over fifteen years, as well as international experience in five-star locales with Master Chefs.

Frédéric is a graduate of *L’Ecole de boulangerie patisserie de Paris. *He specialized in advanced chocolate, pastries, and candy crafting for which he obtained two
degrees at the C.E.P.R.O.C (European Center of Culinary Profession of Paris), meeting his friend and future business partner Mehdi in the process. During this time Frédéric trained at the famous French catering house *Dalloyau, *after which he worked for a year at the Sofitel of Vienna in Austria.

After several years and ventures in France, including bakeries, pastry shops, and restaurant openings, Frédéric decided to partner with his friend and old classmate Mehdi to bring their dreams and plans to the United States. He works mainly in pastry production with us here and showcases his skills on a daily basis.

Mehdi is the founder of J’aime Patisserie and has been a professional pastry chef for over seven years. Prior to wowing us all with his baking chops, Mehdi was working on video editing in his native France. A love of pastries and the dream of being an independent business owner in the United States had him changing careers, however, and after an intense culinary education in Paris, Mehdi trained at a bakery in the center of Paris named *Le Grenier a pain. *He furthered his experience with roles in catering, bakeries, and pastry shops.

Thanks in large part to his graphic design origins, Mehdi excels at creating new ideas and designs for the different pastries.

Together Mehdi and Frederic make up a talented, enthusiastic, and hard-working duo that Christophe’s is proud to be partnered with.

Check out some of their delicious pastries!

Petit Fours
 Berry Crumble Tart
Apple Caramel Pecan Mousse Cake