Phubbing: verb (used with object), phubbed, phubbing.


To ignore (a person or one’s surroundings) when in a social situation

by busying oneself with a phone or other mobile device:

Hey, are you phubbing me?

Does this sound familiar?

It’s almost impossible in this day-and-age to avoid smart-phones and ever-evolving technology.

Even our watches are becoming tiny computers and cell phones!

Studies and science, however, back the idea that now, more than ever, do families need to disconnect during dinnertime to unwind, bond, and teach values to children.

Less Stress:

Kids have stressful times at school, same as adults with their demanding jobs and responsibilities,

and overwhelmingly do reports show that family dinner time is a fun and relaxing stress reliever.

Combats Obesity:

When families eat together they are less likely to eat fewer junk-food items and carbonated beverages.

Obesity in children has reached a crisis-level in the US and oftentimes lead to

diabetes, heart disease, and blood pressure complications.

Connection to Your Kids:

Yes, it’s important to connect with your entire family!

Connecting with your kids, however, can be crucial to their

positive self-esteem, grades, and mental health.

Studies show that family dinners with open, honest talk are more likely to

uncover serious problems that your kids might be facing.

Stay tuned for more on the importance of family bonding during dinner!