Barbecue you forgot you’re hosting this weekend? Have no fear, we have some tips to ease your stress here.

Prep your food and drinks

  • Avoid the stress of day-of-party cooking. Prep any food you can the night before the barbecue. Cut up veggies, fruits you may need.
  • Don’t forget that you can have your adult beverages mixed the night before. - Put them in the container that will not make it easy for kids to get into if they are attending.

Marinade the meat you are making

  • Try brushing it on every ten minutes or so as your meat cooks instead of letting it sit over night or for a few hours before the party.
  • The smaller/more delicate the food, the shorter the soak. If you over marinate and soften your foods to a mush.

Don’t forget your sides

  • You can cook your sides alongside the main portions of your meals. This way you won’t have to dirty up more dishes inside the house.
    picture serves as the sides of a barbecuePicture by: Viktor Hanacek

Forgot to buy a grill brush?

  • Just crumple up some aluminum foil and use tongs as the handle and brush away
  • Also, oil the grill if possible, that way you won’t have to brush as much residue off the next barbeque you have.


  • Don’t cram everything onto one skewer; the pieces will stay juicier if they just touch. If you try to cram as much as you can onto one skewer, then you will be prolonging the cooking time and could possibly dry out the food on the skewer.

Burgers on the menu?

  • They tend to bubble up in the middle making them rounded on top and hard to put toppings on. Annoying right? Just put an indentation in the middle with your thumb or spoon before they are put on the grill. This will make them less likely to be bubbled up and be relatively flat when they are finished.
![picture serves as something you can barbecue]( by: Viktor Hanacek
###  If you are going to barbecue ribs/chicken
  • Don’t sauce too early - Sweet sauce can go on too early. The sauce can burn the sugars, thus threatening the way the ribs turn out

  • Cook on a lower heat for longer. - Don’t rush the meat too cook. If the heat is too high it can cook too fast and dry out the meat. Also, if you’ve got too much volatility in your heat, that will also dry it out.

  • Boneless - can do well over direct heat.

  • Bone-in - cook them over indirect heat. If you cook them over direct heat will burn them.

Cooking Steak?

  • If marinating, pat dry on both sides. You want to sear the steak, and if it is still wet from the marinade, it will steam it, drying out the meat and it will burn more easily. The flavors will be richest if you flip them just once or twice and leave the lid on the grill, so avoid the temptation of flipping them often.

Avoid using water to put out Flame Flare-ups

  • Water can splash, thus causing burns on you or cracks in your grill.
  • The quickest way to put out a flame is to cut off as much oxygen to it as possible. Put the lid on the grill then wait for it to die down before opening the grill again.

Have entertainment

 Music playlist (keep pg-rated if kids are around)

  • For kids – water guns, slip n slide, water balloons, etc.
  • For adults – horseshoes/cornhole, trivia, etc.

To avoid all stress that comes with a barbecue, have Christophe and his team of chefs take on your get together. They will make the food and deliver it to you. All you will have to do is provide the fun for your guests.

Steak On a Grill Image by Viktor Hanacek via PicJumbo (Copyright Free)