At your outdoor dinner party the only party crashers you are concerned about are pests. These uninvited guests can make your actual guests uncomfortable and have an unforgettable itchy time.

Here are Seven Ways to Keep Bugs Away from your Outdoor Dinner Party

1.  Bug Lantern

Bug lanterns attract the mosquitos, flies, etc. to the light. All you have to do is, turn it on and set it up away from your dinner party set up. This lantern is stylish, yet very effective. You can never go wrong with a pest free outdoor dinner party!

Tiki Torch for Outdoor Dinner Party

Photo credit: Nan Palermo.  Creative Commons license

2.  Candles

Smoke helps repel bugs. Citronella candles add a little ambiance and has a pleasant smell. Tiki torches may also come in handy at your next outdoor party. Just light the wicks and party.

Citronella candles have a lemony scent to steer bugs the opposite direction of your food and entertainment. You can also liven up your party by using Tiki torches.

3.  Colander

If you’re setting up a lot of food, going in and out of the house, you can just put mesh colanders over your dishes so you won’t have to stress about “shoo-ing” away any pests every time you come back to your table.

4.  Mosquito Net

Keep bugs at bay by setting up a “room” to yourselves with a mosquito net. This creates a certain ambiance and intimacy without having to worry about bugs. With a little bit of set up, you can have a mosquito free dinner.

Mosquito Net

Photo credit: Wonderlane.  Creative Commons license

5.  Lawnmower

Simply cut your grass. Bugs are instantly attracted to tall grass and weeds. Also, try to keep it dry. Mosquitos tend to be drawn to standing water.

6.  Empty or Drain pools of water

Many (but not all) species mosquitos hatch in water.  Make sure to empty any standing water, such as in flower pots and drain standing water in low spots in your yard.

7.  Mosquito Misting Systems

Several companies now install automatic misting systems. These systems spray around the perimeter of your yard at regular invervals. This is a convenient way to reduce mosquitos all the time. Be sure to check with the company you select to ensure that the pesticide they use is not toxic to your family and pets. A common pesticide, Pemethrin, is used as a treatment for Lice, and is generally not toxic to people in normal doses. 

Good luck in setting up a pest-free picnic. Enjoy your food without the fear of bug bites.

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Outdoor Champagne Image by Dave Lastovskiy via Unsplash (Copyright Free)