If you’re currently subscribing to the paleo diet, you already know that it involves eating only what nature provides. You’ve also probably heard about the lifestyle’s long list of benefits. From weight loss to cleaner eating, it’s no wonder so many are turning to this growing trend. You may already know that the paleo diet is inspired by our hunter-gatherer ancestors, but today we’ll be discussing five Paleo facts you may not know.

1. It has a rich history

Yes, the Paleo diet was inspired by our hunter-gatherer ancestors, but who started the modern movement? Meet Dr. Loren Cordain, the world’s foremost authority on the evolutionary basis of diet. His committed research of the Stone Age Diets eventually accumulated into his popular book, The Paleo Diet.

2. It’s not all about avoiding carbs

Most people associate the Paleo diet with what you CAN’T eat: grains, starchy vegetables, beans, dairy products, sugars, processed foods, etc. But research shows that hunter gatherers’ average carbohydrate intake ranged from 30-40% of total calories. While the scientific soundness of a low-carb diet is frequently contested in the health community, true Paleolithic diets did not involve limited carbohydrate intake.

3. It might not be best for athletes

Speaking of carbohydrates, did you know that these biological molecules are responsible for providing energy during exercise? For that reason, eating strictly Paleo may not be the best option for high performance athletes. Certain modifications, like upping your healthy carb intake, can help.

5 Things you might not know about a paleo diet

4. It can reverse chronic disease

Eating clean comes with benefits that outweigh a smaller pants size. Many of today’s common diseases are a result of chronic inflammation, stemming from what we put into our bodies. Some say that a Paleo diet can help reduce inflammation while ultimately helping our bodies fight off chronic disease. A win win.

5. It isn’t always easy

Eating Paleo comes at a price. Organic, unprocessed foods tend to be more expensive and the diet is infamously pricey to pursue. By shopping at local farmers’ markets, butcher shops, and buying in bulk when possible, you can cut down on your costs. These types of foods also take longer to prepare, precious time that many are unwilling to spare.

Paleo food delivery

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