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It’s been a long week. You’ve been stretched thin and are looking forward to some quality time with your significant other. Rather than heading out to fight the crowds, why not opt for a fine dining experience at home? They say “Netflix and chill”, we say “dine in and chill”.

Make your dining in on date night experience top notch. Here are five tips to make it magic.

Eat at the table.

When was the last time you and your significant other put all the electronics away and focused solely on each other during meal time? In our fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget the importance of slowing down and enjoying our mealtime rituals.

The Atlantic recently referenced dining together as “a quintessential human experience.” So, turn off your phones (and the television, for that matter) and give yourself uninterrupted time to enjoy a quiet, intentional meal together.

Set the mood.

No true date night is complete without a little mood lighting. Turn off the florescent bulbs and turn on something softer. The romantic glow of candlelight enhances any date night experience. If you’re dining outside, why not go all out? Hang a few string lights and add lanterns throughout your space.

**Try something new. **

Get creative with a new cocktail recipe your loved one’s been dying to try. Or, make the evening extra special by setting up your own wine tasting. Be sure to check out our recent blog post about a few of our favorite summer drink pairings to get some ideas.

date night ideas

Up the ambiance.

Try Spotify’s Date Night playlist or create your own with music that means something to both of you – songs from your wedding, romantic instrumentals, happy hip hop etc. Whatever you choose, make sure you keep the volume low enough so you can hear each other and engage in meaningful conversation.

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Check your surroundings.

Make sure your home is ready for total relaxation. The last thing you want is you or your partner stressing over undone tasks. Tidy up before your date night officially commences. Nothing kills the mood quite like yesterday’s lunch in the sink. Add flowers to the table for a fresh scent and a “I really thought this through” atmosphere.

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**Pick the perfect meal. **

Trade in your typical Atlanta takeout for for Christophe’s meal delivery. Our orange chicken, paleo beef meatloaf and curried chicken salad are excellent main-course options for date night. Add a super foods salad to get you fueled up for the remainder of the evening.

Our chef-prepared meals are delivered to your door, no cooking or cleaning necessary, leaving you with some extra time at the end of the night for…well…you get the picture.

Cheers, lovebirds! Enjoy your romantic evening dining in together.