It’s Time to Make Your Week More Super: Order your Organic Quinoa Veggie Bowl Here!

Did you know the average person has about 10,000 taste buds? Treat each and every one with this organic bowl of quinoa and a rainbow of fresh veggies! The best part about this superfood meal is that it’s packed with some seriously healthy goodness (and it’s super delicious).

You can’t say no to these superfood ingredients and here are just few reasons why:

Quinoa Grain Seed Food Healthy Vegetarian**Quinoa (KEEN-wah)**: This protein packed seed is what is called a [“complete” protein because it contains all 9 essential amino acids]( These essential amino acids make for an excellent source of protein to add to any diet, especially for vegetarians. Quinoa also contains high amounts of flavonoids, plant antioxidants that provide some powerful nutrients with big time benefits. Quinoa is also gluten-free and contains a very large amount of fiber. Did we mention it’s super yummy, too?Kale Eating Food Healthy Food Eating Healthy**Kale:** This tasty cabbage – yes kale is a cabbage – is low in calories and jam packed with essential vitamins, including vitamins A, B6, and C. It also contains higher amounts of vitamin K (essential for blood clotting) than broccoli, spinach, and Swiss chard. For all you non-broccoli lovers, this is a great substitute! Kale can be prepared in several different ways and you can check out some fun recipes here.Honey Sweet Syrup Organic Golden Teaspoon Pouring**Honey:** This sweet golden liquid is the perfect natural sweetener and is often used in Christophe’s recipes. Honey has several different varieties, including Manuka honey, which is said to hold antibacterial properties for wound healing. It’s commonly used as a natural cough suppressant because of its medicinal properties and consistency.  Since it’s known to attract and retain moisture, it’s commonly used in personal care products like conditioner and moisturizer. Check out some of these homemade products you can make at home with honey [here!]( Credit: Chia Seeds: Stacy **Chia Seeds:** This seed is said to be one of the most nutrient-rich superfoods out there. Nutritional qualities include rich amounts of dietary fiber, protein, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, and more. Studies show links to helping prevent metabolic disorders, including insulin resistance, which is a factor in the development of diabetes. Wow!Sliced Lemon Lemon Slice Fruit Citrus Fresh**Lemon Juice:** So much goodness in these bright citrus fruits! Some notable benefits include links to lowering ischemic stroke risk in women, working against infections like the flu or a cold, and detoxing your liver. It’s also knows for its ability for alkaline-forming on body fluids which help to restore balance to the body’s pH. Check out more reasons to love lemons here**If you’re craving some extra protein to go along with this meal, we’ve got you covered. Our protein sides include seared tuna, steamed salmon, seasoned shrimp, juicy chicken, and even classic meatballs. Yum!**

About Christophe’s To Go Meal Delivery

Christophe’s To Go weekly meal delivery offers handcrafted and all natural meals delivered directly to your home or office in the Atlanta area. The meals are prepared hours before delivery and arrive freshly refrigerated in a cooler with ice packs. Our delivery days are Sundays-Wednesdays, and all orders must be submitted by noon the day before your selected delivery date.* *We always carry a variety of diet-friendly meals on our menu that include paleo, gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan choices. The menu changes on a weekly basis, while keeping a few customer favorites in the weekly rotation. All items are created and made by our classically trained chef, Christophe Le Metayer, and his incredible team. Want to make sure we can deliver to your zip code? Click here to find out! 

We value the importance of bringing families and friends together at meal time. We also know life gets hectic, and sometimes it’s tough to shop, cook, and clean for dinnertime. That’s why Christophe’s To Go is the convenient choice for healthy, delicious, and fresh meals for those busy nights. When you combine the best ingredients, the best chef, and the convenience of meals at home without shopping, cooking, or cleaning then you have a winning combination!

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