Does the idea of making a pan sauce intimidate you? Don’t let it! Pulling off a delicious pan sauce is a skill you can accomplish by following these easy steps. We even have some videos from Chef Christophe to help guide you through the process. It’s time to add some excitement to your perfectly seared meat and become a pan sauce pro.

It All Starts With the Meat

You can’t make a pan sauce without searing your favorite cut of meat, so first choose your favorite cut- pork chop, hanger steak, ribeye, etc.  Pull out your large (non-stick) stainless-steel skillet (or closest type) and add 1-2 tbsp olive oil to the medium-hot pan (the pan being hot enough is very important!). Season meat with salt and pepper and add to hot pan (Christophe adds garlic cloves to season the meat while it’s searing in the pan). For medium temperature, 3-4 minutes on each side is recommended. Once your meat is cooked place aside and let it rest (do not cut).

### Let’s Create Some Magic

Turn down your heat to medium.  It’s important to keep what was created by your seared meat in your pan, so don’t throw away those delicious pieces of meat and juice, but skim off extra fat if you prefer. We want to add some aromatics to our pan to give some additional flavor to our sauce. Chef loves to use green onion and chopped mushrooms, but you can choose whatever your favorites are. Allow the vegetables to cook, and continue to stir, keeping all ingredients moving (typically about 3-4 minutes). Follow this step by adding in your favorite liquid, this is called “deglazing”. The liquid is another personal choice, but we love using red or white wine, cognac, or just a simple cooking stock.  You don’t need more than about ½ a cup for the liquid. Allow the ingredients to simmer while stirring and scraping up anything stuck on the bottom of the pan using a wooden spoon. Continue for about 5 minutes until the liquid is thickened by about half. Some recommend adding a slice of butter once the sauce is reduced as this provides a creamy texture to your reduction.

### Enjoy Your Delicious Dish

It’s now time to add your amazing reduction to your now rested meat and taste your delish dish. Congratulations, you’re officially a pan-sauce pro!

Choosing Christophe’s To Go

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