If you haven’t already noticed, you’ll soon see a pattern from Chef Christophe’s videos and blogs. He loves to use leftover scraps, more like he doesn’t like to waste food, and all of us from Christophe’s To Go, think it’s important to share those same values with our customers. This post will be the first of many that will highlight unique ways to use leftovers. For this article, we couldn’t think of anything more suitable for summer leftovers than hamburgers! How many times have you gone overboard at your cookout, resulting in you shoving take-out containers of leftovers in your guests’ hands as they leave? Or, maybe you keep them for yourself but they end up getting thrown away or given to your dog.


These are 5 Delicious Recipes for Leftover Hamburgers:

  1. Make a delicious Shepherd Pie: Break down the hamburger patties, caramelize some onion, make some mashed potatoes, and boom, new delicious dish to enjoy!

Click here for some great Shepherd Pie recipes to use.

  1. Make an outstanding omelet: start by breaking down the hamburger patties, then sauté some bell pepper, onion, and spinach. Incorporate pieces of hamburger meat into the pan with the veggies. Once they’re sautéed pour in your egg and finish the omelet. Yum!

Watch Chef Christophe show you the proper way to make an omelet here:

1. Make a killer tomato meat sauce: Start by breaking down the hamburger patties and sauté with some onions, thyme, and white wine. Add to tomato sauce and serve with your favorite pasta, or use in a variety of other ways.

Click here for a delicious meat sauce recipe.

  1. Skillet Scrambler for breakfast or dinner: Christophe loves breakfast for dinner so this dish is great for either or! Break down the hamburger patties, dice some potatoes (small size), cook some sunny side up eggs, and finish with some fresh herbs.

  2. Make some luscious Mac and Cheese: Break down the hamburger patties, cook pasta, make some creamy béchamel cheese sauce, combine and bake at 350 for 30 minutes, or until dish is bubbly and golden (getting hungry yet?)

For a delicious Mac and Cheese recipe made with béchamel click here!

Not in the Mood to Cook?

As always, when the leftovers are gone, and the idea of cooking is still not appealing, Christophe’s To Go is there for you. With convenient gourmet meals to-go, you can eat like luxury without breaking the bank or making a mess in your kitchen.

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Written by: Alison Sherman