Another Christophe’s To Go Cooler in Suwanee!

Following up on Christophe’s recent expansion into Suwanee with a cooler partnership with Rainbow Pilates, Christophe’s is excited to announce that it has placed a private cooler in the boutique Suwanee GA fitness firm, Blast Fitness.  This pickup location will be accessible only to patrons of Blast Fitness.  Deliveries will occur every Tuesday and Thursday.  “I’m excited about this partnership.  Christophe’s food is wonderful and several of my clients will love this added service,” said the CEO of Blast Fitness, Steve “Poppa Pipes” Puttman.  He also added, laughing, “I just have to be careful in what I tell my clients to eat because the desserts won’t necessary help them achieve the look they want.  So long as they stick to the leaner offerings everyone wins.”  Of course [Christophe and his crew of chefs]( offer a range of meals, paleo to vegan.  Some classic meals taste great but admittedly are not the best for people who are on a diet.  But many of our dishes, including our Mahi Mahi and our salads, work well for those who want to watch their waistline.
## **How the Private Food Cooler Program Works**
Private coolers are hidden on the Christophe’s To Go website and are accessible only with unique unlock code. Our partners distribute this unlock code to their customers and patrons. Those lucky individuals then have the opportunity to order for pickup from these private cooler locations. There is no delivery fee or additional charge; it’s just convenient, and a great service that our partners can offer to the customers. If you’re interested in obtaining a private cooler for your business please email us at  Suwanee residents who want to enjoy Christophe’s food but who are not Blast Fitness clients should check out our Rainbow Pilates location.
## **About Christophe’s To Go **

Christophe’s To Go offers fresh, all natural meals that fit most diets.  His menu includes paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options.  Suwanee residents looking for these options, or just amazing food from a classically trained French chef are in for a treat.  Click here to learn more about Christophe’s To Go.  If you’re hungry and in the mood for lunch or dinner then click over to the menu to find the best to go food in Suwanee.


About Steve Putman & Blast Fitness

Steve Puttman has developed a proprietary low-impact training system that focuses on fast twitch muscle fibers.  He uses this method at Blast Fitness both to rehabilitate injuries and dramatically strengthen specific areas of the body. His clients include NFL professionals as well as amateurs in volleyball, track, bobsledding, baseball, tennis, and more. He trains people of ages ranging from teenagers to people well past 80. Clients that stick with the program see remarkable results.