Is your sad desk lunch bringing you down? It’s time to put away those hot-pockets! Chef Christophe wants to break your boring lunch routine by catering an amazingly tasty, gourmet lunch for your office for free by entering in our #YouCanLunchBetter contest!

Better Lunch with Christophe’s To Go

This isn’t just about that sad peanut-butter and jelly sandwich (no offense, PB&J)  sitting in front of your computer. It’s about getting excited about your lunch and experiencing the delicious possibilities out there. It’s about maximizing your productivity with fresh, all natural food that will fuel your day and satisfy your taste-buds. It’s about lunching better!

It’s time for you and your co-workers to be introduced (if you haven’t been already), to Christophe’s To Go. With catering lunch options like Roasted Pork Loin and Swiss cheese sandwich on Ciabatta bread, or Asian Shrimp Salad with roasted almonds and ginger dressing, how can you not get excited about your lunch break?

The best part? Christophe’s To Go has four locations, all with chef-prepared, gourmet meals available for both pick-up and delivery.  The menu offers fresh, all natural meals that fit most diets, including paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options.

![Smoked Turkey and Brie Stuffed Croissant](http://forms.christophestogo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Smoked-Turkey-and-Brie-Stuffed-Croissant.jpg)Smoked Turkey Breast & Brie Cheese Stuffed Croissant
![Green Mango Papaya Slaw with Shrimp](http://forms.christophestogo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Green-Mango-Papaya-Slaw-with-Shrimp.jpg)Asian Shrimp Salad
![](http://forms.christophestogo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Buffalo-Chicken-Wrap.jpg)Buffalo Chicken Wrap
### Win free lunch catering with Christophe’s To Go

Now go tell Bob to put away that frozen Salisbury steak meal because here’s how your office could win a free lunch catering:

- #### Like and/or follow Christophe’s To Go on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - #### Snap a picture of your office lunch struggles (click here for an example) - #### Share the image with us using the hashtag #YouCanLunchBetter - #### The picture with the most votes wins! ![](http://forms.christophestogo.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/Entry-Photo-Revised.png)
Now it’s time to create some buzz at the office.  Keep in mind- the more entries from your office the better your chances of winning!

Click here to read what companies have said about our lunch catering!

For those of you who like legalese – the official rules are below

Official Rules

  1. .  By submitting your photos and commentary on this form you irrevocably transfer in perpetuity all rights, intellectual property, and moral rights in the photos, or videos submitted on this form to Christophe’s Gourmet LLC. You hereby relinquish any rights to royalties, commissions or other payments for any use, publication, or distribution of the photo or video by Christophe’s Gourmet. Any rewards issued by Christophe’s Gourmet as a result of your submission will be done in Christophe’s Gourmet’s sole discretion and you waive any claims against Christophe’s Gourmet for losses or damages that arise out of or relate to your submission of your photo or video.
  2. All entries are due by Sunday, August 1st, 5PM EDT.  Christophe’s Gourmet shall be sole arbiter as to whether posts or submissions are made on time.
  3. Christophe’s Gourmet shall determine the winners in its sole and absolute discretion.  Contestants who provide invalid contact information or who do not respond timely to inquires from Christophe’s Gourmet will forfeit any prizes or awards they are given.
  4. Contestants may be required to provide follow up submissions to earn a chance to be deemed the contest winner.
  5. To be eligible as a winner you must allow Christophe’s Gourmet to use your name and social profile in promoting the winning submission.  Winners shall receive the right to a free lunch catered from Christophe’s To Go, which have no cash value.  Winner shall be responsible for any taxes or levies imposed by any government as a result of receiving the award for winning the contest.

Written by: Alison Sherman