You may have seen the Google and Facebook ads touting Atlanta’s Top Chef.  If you clicked on them you would be taken to, the concept created by French chef Christophe Le Metayer.  So what exactly, did Christophe do to earn the distinction of “top chef”?  Well to be 100% truthful, he hired a bold and creative person to run his online ad campaign.  This hard worker (who shall remain nameless) decided that someone has to be Atlanta’s top chef, so why not bestow that title on Christophe, his employer.

Is Christophe Really Atlanta’s Top Chef?

It depends on whom you ask.  Cyclone Covey, Christophe’s friend (but not the ad manager), certainly thinks so.  “He’s a rock star.  I am blown away on how he can cook such variety and create delicious recipes on the fly.”  Others who don’t know Christophe personally also give him rave reviews, such as the Yelper who stated that Christophe’s “lasagna is probably the greatest thing on earth.”

Of course picking someone as your favorite chef is entirely personal taste and no one can truly say that any one person is Atlanta’s top chef.  There are some amazing chefs in Atlanta.  Chris Hall, Kevin Rathbun, Jay Swift, Robert Gerstenecker, and Linton Hopkins all certainly deserve seats at the table when considering Atlanta’s top chef.  And there are dozens more.

** What Makes Someone the Best? **

A good question of course is to ask what criteria you use to pick the best chef.  If you’re looking at most successful restaurants then Tom Catherall certainly deserves a nod.  Other chefs are successful at building a cult following by following certain diets or ingredient restrictions.

So, given this, why can we claim with a straight face that Christophe is “Atlanta’s Top Chef”?  It’s because Christophe and his company can improve your life in ways that chefs of typical restaurants cannot.  It’s impossible to eat out at Atlanta’s finest restaurants every night.  The cost is prohibitive, but the time investment is even a bigger deal.  You go out to Chris Hall’s Local Three (which is amazing by the way).  That’s a night out, but most nights you need something a little cheaper and faster.  That’s where Christophe’s To Go comes in.  You can have star-chef quality food every night at home.  The price is comparable to cooking on your own (or often less), the quality is superb, and you don’t have to spend the time buying groceries, planning the meal, prepping the meal, cooking and cleaning.  It’s all done.  That’s why we say that Christophe’s To Go is like having your own personal chef, only better.

When you consider the taste, convenience, and price we think the answer is clear.  Clhristophe Le Metayer of Christophe’s To Go is (in our opinion) Atlanta’s Top Chef!

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