Life Gets Busy. If you had to choose one word to describe the demeanor of people these days, overwhelmed would be a top contender. Just turning on the news lately makes you want to run down the street like a bat crazy lunatic. With the stressors we all face every day, sitting down for a healthy delicious meal with family, friends or even dining alone, is a great escape. But by the time you’re done shopping, cooking and cleaning up, there’s little if any quality time left. Now before you slide into your running shoes, don your bat cape and freak out the neighbors, Christophe’s To Go has your next life hack solution.

The Christophe’s To Go Service

Chef Christophe's catering
French-born, Executive Chef Christophe Le Metayer and his experienced culinary team create healthy meals daily using only natural ingredients. Always fresh never frozen, no preservatives or chemicals, ready for you to pick up at a Christophe’s To Go location or delivered right to your door. A perfect choice for those busy times when you don’t have time to shop and cook, or even when you‘re just craving some delicious, homemade food. Christophe’s To Go is like having your own personal gourmet chef, except affordable, and oh-so-convenient!

What sounds better? A fast food burger and greasy fries, or grilled chicken and steamed broccoli with mashed sweet potato? The only thing similar is the price. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, Christophe’s To Go offers a wide variety of menu choices including gluten-free options as well as some vegan, vegetarian and paleo dishes. To add variety, a portion of the menu changes every two weeks with the exception of a few crowd favorites that are influenced by popular demand. Chef Christophe has something to please everyone and he welcomes every meal idea and suggestion a customer recommends. We aim to please. Eating alone? Get a single portion. Feeding your family? Grab a family size. The portions are generous and the containers are eco-friendly, and microwave and oven safe.

Life Hack Solution for Anyone

Christophe’s To Go isn’t only a perfect choice for people on the move, but great for those times when you find yourself unable to get around or you’re just flat out stressed. We know how hard it can be balancing work, family, and other obligations and we understand the importance of feeling good about what you eat and what you feed your loved ones. Let Christophe’s save your sanity if you’re transitioning into parenthood with our freshly prepared ready-made meals. We’ll come to the rescue if you’re stuck at home with an injury, recovering from surgery, or just overwhelmed with a project and can’t leave the house.

Visit the website, check out the menu and phone in your order. You can order your meals in advance in as little as 15 minutes and you can even pre-order up to two weeks in advance. It’s that simple. The best part is being able to choose from a variety of meals freshly prepared by a classically trained chef. For less than it would cost to eat out, Christophe’s To Go delivers freshly prepared, gourmet meals right to your door. Boom. Life hack solution.

Delivery is easy and convenient. Christophe’s full menu is guaranteed if you order by 5pm the day before. Choose a 3 hour window for delivery or if you’re not going to be home, leave a cooler at your door. All that’s left for you to do is heat up your delicious meal and enjoy! Stop being overwhelmed with the pressure of cooking a healthy meal. Give Christophe’s To Go a try and see what so many people are raving about.

Visit our website to view the menu, check for locations, read reviews and get some cooking tips from Christophe himself!