Our very own Chef Christophe Le Metayer is beyond brag-worthy. Owning a Michelin-rated restaurant in France for 8 years, working as the Chef de Cuisine at the Ritz Carlton in Atlanta, and working in Monaco with Alain Ducasse are only a few major accomplishments in a long list of many others. While these amazing achievements are important facts that all of us can marvel at, I took it upon myself to expose another side of Christophe that is just as exceptional.

Here are 15 delightful things you need to know about Chef Christophe Le Metayer:

1. He has two cats, CoolKat and G.

2. His perfect protein breakfast is a REAL Gin Fizz at 9:30 am.

Gin Fizz

3. He always wears fun socks.

4. He attends Trivia night with some of his good friends every Wednesday

5. He believes that running is, “the most UNNATURAL thing to do.”

6. His favorite movie is The Big Lebowski.

The Big Lebowski

7. He started attending culinary school at 14 and graduated at 16.


8. He cannot pass by parsley without cutting or tearing it’s leaves off to smell it. The smell brings him straight back to his first job that he had at 13, chopping a big bowl of parsley every morning at 7 am.

parsley 2

9. When he was in culinary school, his father told him to learn English, to which he systematically answered “I don’t need to speak English. I want to become a chef.”

10. Growing up there was no other option for him; a chef was the only thing he wanted to be. Even though his parents tried to dissuade him.

Cooks 4

11. He moved to The U.S. with 2 kids (Asbjorn and Iben) with $500.00 in his pocket, but they stayed at the Ritz Carlton for six weeks due to the fact that it was a part of his relocation package.

12. He started Christophe’s To Go by selling the food out of his apartment. He cooked from his apartment kitchen, plated the food in the living room, and would take plastic bags from the super market because he forgot to get some and needed to deliver the food in some way.

Smiling Chef

13. He really enjoys snacking because he’s, “always amazed how the first bite of something that you have been desiring tastes absolutely perfect and how it quickly fades away with every bite you take afterwards.”

Blueberries 2

14. Christophe’s love and talent for photography is always showcased on our website. All images of our menu items are taken by himself,  inside the Christophe’s To Go kitchen.

Photographer AKA Chef Christophe

15. And last, but not least, when I asked him what made him want to be a chef, this was his response:

“Why a chef you may ask? Well maybe it has to do with the flavor of tiny fingerling potatoes freshly harvested at 11 am, and how they’re washed, sautéed in salted butter and seasoned with coarse salt. The taste being a delicate mix of fresh earth. The taste of it still lingering on the skin, combined with the hazelnut-tasting brown butter they were cooked in; then at 12 pm savored. Or maybe it was when sucking on a raw egg straight from the shell, which has just been in the nest and still at the perfect temperature. A hole being made at the top with a sewing needle. Or the taste of Daisy’s fresh milk still at her body temperature.”

New Chef Pic

To see videos of Christophe in action click here!

Post written by: Alison Sherman