Do You Eat Clean?

Eat_clean_newHave you been checking the labels of the food you buy? If so, can you pronounce every ingredient listed on the label? If you can’t pronounce the food listed on your labels then you probably shouldn’t eat it.

Shopping for your food with a conscience may take some practice, but the advantages of eating clean are highly beneficial to your health and lifestyle. At Christophe’s To Go, preparing clean food is essential to our concept.

What Does Eating Clean Mean?

It’s simple. Clean eating, or eating whole or real, is consuming products that are as close to its natural state as possible. This means no antibiotics, no artificial colors or flavors, and no preservatives of any kind. Eating clean is not a diet, it’s being conscience of what you’re consuming and it’s eating naturally. No need to eliminate food groups or count calories (whew!)

Where to Start:

Unhealthy_snacks_in_cartGiving up or limiting processed foods– Do you really want to eat something that was processed in a lab? Highly processed foods strip nutrients that are vital to our health by changing its natural form. Preservatives like Sodium Nitrate are used to extend the life of processed meats and have been linked to increased risks of cancer and heart disease. Sulfur Dioxide, and other sulfites, are additives that are commonly used in items like soda, wine, canned fruit and vegetables, condiments, and many more. Sulfites are considered allergens as well additives. There have been proven links to sulfites and its effects to those sensitive to asthma, resulting in some FDA regulations and limitations on its use. These are only a few preservatives and additives in a very long list that are commonly used today in processed foods.

Some lightly processed foods are hard to avoid, and not entirely bad for your health. Sometimes processing is needed to remove toxins or bacteria. What to really be conscience of is ultra-processed foods like soft drinks, cereal, cheese, canned foods, bread, certain savoury snacks, and many “convenience foods”… aka junk food.

**Shop smart and buy fresh- **Try starting a routine where you shop around the perimeter of your grocery store first, before heading into the packaged food aisle. Stock up on fresh ingredients first like: veggies, fruit, farm-fresh eggs, dried legumes, and nuts. When shopping for meat it’s important to be conscience of how it’s processed. Is it grass-fed or grain-fed beef? Check the label on the fish you buy: is it farm raised or wild caught fish? Check for added hormones in dairy products.

Real food doesn’t have a label

Food-labelsIf you’re looking to eat clean with delicious chef prepared meals, Christophe’s To Go is a convenient and affordable place to feed your healthier lifestyle.

At Christophe’s To Go, we believe the best way to create delicious and healthy lifestyle meals is by using natural and fresh products. You will never have anything that is not fresh, as we search only for the freshest produce and use organic fruits and vegetables whenever possible. We also take pride in working with as many local companies to support our local community.

We only get our products from companies we trust, and farmers that believe in growing responsibly and are committed to sustainability. Products like our chicken we get from Joyce Farms, a company that is committed to their passion of caring for their animals and remain true to using their “same age-old artisan methods that their grandparents did”. We work with Lummi Island Fisheries, a company awarded for their pollution prevention and sustainable practices. These are only a couple of the many valuable companies we are proud to work with.

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By: Alison Sherman