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Turkey Lasagna Two Ways

We’ve been writing and talking about all of the delicious food from Christophe’s To Go for quite awhile now. But what we haven’t really addressed is how convenient and affordable our meals are compared to preparing food at home. Until now. The following is a hypothetical case study of two people who decide to have Turkey Lasagna for dinner. Susan decides to make lasagna at home while Steve prefers Christophe’s To Go. Let’s compare.

Do It Yourself

Susan leaves her office at 5:30 and makes her way to the grocery store by 6:00. She purchases lasagna noodles for $3.00, two jars of pre-made sauce for $3.79 each, a package of ground turkey for $4.50, and a package of shredded cheese for $3.00. Susan spends about 20 minutes finding all the items and checking out before leaving the grocery store.

Once she arrives home, Susan unloads all the groceries. Then she sets a large pot on the stove to boil water for the pasta. She also takes out a large pan and begins cooking the ground turkey. After about 15 minutes, she adds one jar of sauce to the ground turkey. She also adds the pasta to the boiling water.

After about 12 minutes, the pasta is sufficiently cooked. Susan sets her colander in the sink and drains the pasta being careful not to break any of the noodles. Once the pasta has cooled, Susan arranges a layer in the base of a large oven-safe dish. She then spoons in the ground turkey, and adds the second jar of sauce. Then she sprinkles a layer of shredded cheese on top of the first layer. She repeats this process for two more layers until the dish is full. Susan preheats the oven to 350ºF and bakes the lasagna for 30 minutes.

After enjoying her meal, Susan starts cleaning up the kitchen. She washes the large pot, the pan, the colander, and the oven-safe dish. Removing the baked on cheese requires some intense scrubbing. After about 15 minutes, her kitchen is clean again. It is now 8:30.

There’s an Easier Way

Steve takes a very different approach to his turkey lasagna. Steve likes to plan ahead so he went to and ordered the lasagna one day in advance. He paid $17.49 for two medium sized turkey lasagna’s and decided to have it delivered to a cooler pick-up location in his neighborhood. Like Susan, Steve leaves the office at 5:30, but instead of going to the grocery storey, he heads to the gym. He enjoys a healthy workout and picks up his freshly prepared turkey lasagna from the cooler conveniently located in the lobby of his gym.

When Steve gets home, he preheats the oven to 350ºF, removes the top of the container, covers the lasagna with foil, and heats it in the oven for 15 minutes. He sits down to enjoy his dinner at 7:00. Once he has finished his meal, Steve discards the eco-friendly container and continues enjoying his evening.

In summary, Susan went straight from work to the grocery store where she spent about $18 for ingredients, worked hard to prepare her meal, and eventually sat down to dinner at 8:15. She also spent another 15 minutes cleaning up her kitchen. Steve left work at the same time, had a nice workout, picked up his meal right at the gym, and started enjoying his freshly prepared turkey lasagna by 7:00. He paid $7.99 for the medium size and enjoyed much more free time in his evening. In addition to taking more time, money, and effort, Susan’s lasagna was made with sauce from jars and processed cheese. It likely contained preservatives, and artificial colors and flavors. Steve’s lasagna was made with all natural ingredients according to Chef Christophe’s time-honored recipe and expertise.

Simplify Your Life

Whether you consider this case study in terms of cost or convenience, Steve clearly made a smarter choice than Susan. Christophe’s to Go offers plenty of similar smart choices including paleo, gluten-free, vegan, and *vegetarian *entrées that do not require any prep work or clean up. These days, there just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Instead of struggling like Susan, simplify your life like Steve. Let Christophe’s To Go help you save time and money with a hassle-free, gourmet dining experience at home