At Christophe’s To Go, our culinary philosophy is pure, “Keep food simple and beautiful and it will stir all of the senses.” From our kitchen to your plate, we keep our food as simple and natural as possible. As our food leaves the kitchen for all of our stores, we apply the same philosophy to our packaging and labels. The majority of our meals are served in eco-friendly containers with transparent lids. We could have used opaque containers but we believe it’s important to see clearly just how fresh our food is. We also appreciate the way Chef Christophe presents his masterful culinary creations and we think you will too.

We know that the best meals begin with the finest ingredients, and we are pleased to share those ingredients with you. We strive to be just as transparent with our labels as our lids. We display all of our natural ingredients prominently on every container of our food so you’ll always know exactly what you’re eating. You will never find any hard-to-pronounce chemicals or preservatives on our labels because we use only the freshest seasonal ingredients in our kitchen. We share all of the same detailed information every day on our website, We also include complete nutrition information for every entrée we sell so you can see precisely how our flavorful food can be incorporated into most nutritional plans with ease.

In order to make your visit to all of our stores as convenient as possible, we color code in multiple ways so you can quickly find your preferred meal or perhaps discover a new favorite entrée. First, on our website and in-store video displays we designate unique colors for paleo, gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and organic entrées. Second, we color code the labels on our packages based on the protein. Seafood is blue, beef and bison are red, poultry is yellow, and vegetarian entrées are green. Choosing the right meal for your dietary preferences couldn’t be easier.

We care about healthy eating as much as you do, which is why put a lot of thought into how we present out food to you to make all of our labels as informative and easy to understand as possible. We provide all of this information because want you to take comfort in the knowledge that the meal you are enjoying is made from scratch with natural ingredients as part of our ongoing commitment to providing phenomenal dining experiences at home.